Somerset & Dorset Animal Rescue is a non-profitable organisation dedicated to improving the lives of unwanted animals. 

The rescue is run completely by Non-wage Volunteers and is reliant on the generosity of the public.

Homes Needeed for

Ex-Battery Hens

Battery hens are only kept until they are about 1 year old, then they are killed. We have been given the opportunity to re-home some of these hens.

If you would like to home some of these lovely hens, please phone us on 01963 32279 or email us at

We are asking that if you home some of these hens that you give a donation to the rescue.

Please remember, all animal viewings are by appointment only. Thank you.

Liz would like to thank every one who has helped at the rescue and also made donations  

We are grateful for any donations given. If you would like to donate please click here.

Thank you.

 We would like to re-iterate that Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue are NOT linked with the BBC investigation into Dorset Dog Rescue - now named Dorset and Somerset Dog Rescue.

Somerset and Dorset have NEVER been investigated by the BBC. Please click the link above for more information.

Thank you  

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T:  01305 824948

M: 0797 3985 806