We have a number of horses currently with us, all with different stories. From Dartmoors who have been saved from slaughter to Shetlands who's owners could no longer keep them. 

Deciding to home a horse is a big step. They are big expensive animals who need experienced owners. 

Any potential new owners will have a home check and we will ask some questions to ensure the care you can give is suitable .

If you feel that can give one of our horses a home please contact Liz on 01963 32279 or email liz.sdar@hotmail.co.uk

Here are our horses in need of a home.


Oreo is a 5 year old bay Dartmoor gelding.

He is unbroken but with the right training will make an excellent pony.  He is very nervous of people currently but is wearing a halter.  He can be caught but very cautiously in a stable. Once caught you can brush him but very quietly.

Overall Oreo is a stunning young man and needs an owner who can give him the time and attention he deserves.


Star is a 5 year old skewbald Dartmoor mare.

Star is a very nervous Young horse who needs a lot of trainer to build her confidence around people.  This is due to her being rounded up on the moors for slaughter and has never had real human contact. 

She has come along way since arriving with us and now will take feed form your hand but we still cannot get close to her. 

She has great potential and is beautiful so needs a home where someone can give her the time and attention she deserves. 


Secret is a 6 year old Dartmoor mare. 

Secret is a beautiful pony who needs someone to give her that little bit of extra training she needs to gain confidence and trust. 

She, like star, has never had real human contact and was due for slaughter until we rescued her.

She has HUGE potential to become a great pony but just needs that extra little bit of training to build on her confidence levels.

She has a great character and he very nosey when your around her.



Mischief is a 3 year old Dartmoor mare.  

She is unbroken but is halter trained. She still needs a bit of work to grow her confidence and needs a home suitable for her.

Mischief is small in size but has a huge character and she always very nosey when you are in her paddock.

She would make a great small child's pony once trained abut would always be a fantastic companion.   

She will thrive in the right home