As well as our larger animals we also have a number of smaller animals who are looking for homes. These range from rabbits to chickens and even the occasional budgie!

Animals can be viewed by appointment only and a home check will needed to ensure the perfect match for both owner and animal.

Please see below the animals we currently have for re-homing. we always have new animals coming in so please contact us if you cannot find something you are looking for.


Gorgeous George is a very handsome large cockerel who came to us a couple of years ago from an owner whose neighbours were complaining about the noise.  He is a lovely boy who is looking for a home of his own with plenty of space and a few girlfriends.

For more information on any of our chickens please call Sandra on 07840 986402.


Bill and Ben are two medium sized cockerels who came to us when they were 10 weeks old and are now approximately 9 months old.  They are a lovely friendly pair who we would like to home together as they are very bonded.

For more information on any of our chickens please call Sandra on 07840 986402.


These four chickens came to us as a family group and we would really like to home them together.  There is one cockerel and three hens, all of which are good layers.  They get on so well together it would be a shame to split them up so if anyone out there is looking for a ready made family these are the ones for you.  We have no idea of age or background but they all are fit and healthy.

For more information on any of chickens please call Sandra on 07840 986402.


We have a number of rabbits that require homes of all different breeds. Rabbits ideally need to kept as pairs and the ideal pairing is a neutered male and a spayed female.

Please contact us if you would like further information.


Occasionally we have ex-battery hens into the rescue. These hens have been kept in appalling conditions and come in thin, featherless and unaware of basic things such as grass!

If you think you can give these hens a home where they can thrive then please contact us.