With the amount of animals we re-home we are very lucky to have a huge number of success stories.

Here are just a few

"We had lost our darling little tabby girl (also a rescue) and were put in touch with Sam.  The request was were there two kittens available, at least one black?  The answer was that the very same day five black boys (or so Sam thought) were due to be taken into care.  On collecting them a sixth - little tortie girl - appeared from somewhere!...............So that was that! 

We took on one black boy (difficult choice) and the little girl, and six months down the line they are nicely ruling the roost, the kitchen, the dog beds and the garden.  They are a fantastic pair.  They love each other which is wonderful , and have the most amazing relationship with our young springer spaniel (another rescue!). 

They sleep a lot, hunt a lot (messy) and play a lot.  We love them!  Thankyou, Sam and Rosemary, for the care you gave them in their early days and for passing them to us.  Bandit and Weasel, we love you!"

 Dear Sam
As you can see Penguin, Humphrey and Jasper are relaxing in their new home! They have settled in well, are keeping us on our toes with their antics and quick moves, and have just started exploring the garden.
We love them!
Thank you for all the good work you do rescuing pets.

We contacted Sam at Somerset and Dorset rescue to enquire about a kitten - emphasis on "a"!  Well, Sam had just rescued Katie, a mum, shortly due to give birth, and when we had the call that five kittens had been born off we went to chose. 

We decided on a female tabby and Lulu fit the bill perfectly.  She was gorgeous at just 10 days old when we first set eyes on her.  Because we had a holiday booked Jo the foster mum was happy to look after her until our return, but we went for another visit before our holiday and were smitten with the little ginger boy and seeing them playing so happily together it seemed unfair to keep Lulu on her own but as the others had homes to go to we were out of luck.  Sam said she had other kittens needing homes so we decided to take a look, but before we were able to we had a message that the little boy was available (as someone had unbelievably changed their mind!).  Well, as you can imagine we were very pleased!! 

 And so, on our return from holiday we went to pick them up.  They have settled in very well, are so loving and friendly and full of mischief."

This is rosie winning the best rescue dog class in May 2013 at Sherborne Castle country fair. Now aged 3yrs she has come a long way since somerset and dorset first rehomed her in Jan 2011. Rehomed to someone who never showed up to her appointment to be spade and then left her in an empty kennel when none was at the centre. she was also pregnant. This is when i met her i went over to help walk the dogs after work and there she was. I asked liz if i could take her home that night, neither of us knowing she was pregnant . After a couple of weeks it was obvious she was, but she was a family pet now and we,d manage 4 weeks after we had her at only 14months old she gave birth to 6 all black puppies we later found out the dad was a black lab. With the help of the rescue centre we rehomed all the pups and still check on them. Rosie even gets a mothers day card from 1 of her pups. About 6 months after the pups were gone my wife Lorraine had a terrible bout of vertigo and collapsed on the stairs, she was alone in the house with Rosie. Rosie then showed what a remarkable dog she she climbed above Lorraine on the stairs took the collar of her dressing gown in her mouth and by pulling as hard as she could helped Lorraine to the top of the stairs, she was able then to get her self back into bed, where Rosie stayed with her until i could get back from work. She is a pleasure to have as our pet along with her little brother Archie who is a rather naughty Bichon Friese. Rosie in winning the dog show in may qualified for the best rescue class at Buckham Fair on 24 August so fingers crossed and we,ll keep you all posted. All the best and thankyou for my lovely girl.


"I got in touch with Sam when my little furry companion of ten years passed away.  I wanted the chance to adopt another cat or two!!  Once Sam had met me she new the perfect ones for me....... enter ALVIN & HECTOR!!  Alvin, the Zoro lookalike,  is the boss of the two.  He is black and white, 7 years old, outgoing and confident and doesn't want to miss anything.  His brother, Hector, white and black, and 3 years old is the shy one.  Quiet and loving.  Both are so affectionate and compliment each other so well.  What a lucky person I am to have these two in my life!!!
Thanks Sam and crew for introducing me to them - and making them part of my family."  

I just wanted to tell you about a dog that my family adopted from you a long time ago. His name was originally Buddy, and he came as a stray puppy from Wales. He is now nearly 15 years old ! He has been the most wonderful dog you could wish for. Sadly I lost my husband last year, and having Gus, as our son called him, and our other dog, a rehomed springer spaniel called Gemma, is helping me get through what is a very painful time. David was very ill for 2 years, and Gus and Gemma would always know when we were upset. So, I want to thank you for letting us have Gus, he has been , and still is a huge part of our family.

Mazie is lovely! She has taken it all in her stride. She loves the boys and follows them everywhere. She is eating all her food and is not stressed at all. She cried in her cage last night so Liam let her sleep on his bed, i suppose thats where she will stay from now. She has been out this morning to do her business (good). She will be going for a nice walk later. She seems to be loving it here. She walks very well on the lead sits when told and is very lively. Liam is a much happier child and loves her to bits. She is a little light in our lives. Still wary of strangers and things she has never seen before but is getting braver  as she grows in confidence. Still quite not house trained but is getting there. Thank you for letting us have her, we wouldn't want to be with out now. 

I believe Sam found Tia as a stray and took her to the vets, they thought she had recently had kittens. The kittens were found in some old machinery. They were very lucky as there was heavy rain the next night and they could have been drowned. Tia was reunited with her kittens and then stayed with them until weened. I met her when they were 5 weeks and once they all went to their forever homes Tia moved in. We had a 1yr cat Lexi already and they are now best of friends!! Tia is a lazy cat, but due to the abundance of mice just outside she still manages to bring home regular presents. She's a sweet cat and is a bit quirky but we love her.

Just to let you know that little Dasher is fine and is a real treasure. He has just started puppy classes and the was the smallest and best behaved there.

It was a bit chilly last week so Dash borrowed Poppy’s pink nightie but I don’t think he was very impressed with the colour!  He continues to do well in training and the teacher called him a star this week as he can do sit and down without me having to help him and is starting to walk nicely on the lead.

Silas (alias Rudolph) has settled in really well at home, although his big sister is still getting used to him. 

He had a great first Christmas at my parents home in Cornwall, where he was a big hit with everyone, receiving numerous cuddles and purring happily like a tank. However the Christmas tree, several decorations and a coffee pot did take the brunt of his very playful nature.

We are now back at home and since we have been here he has discovered many new things, like bubble bath and Cheetah, who he likes to attack when its not looking and parade around in his mouth. I fear the local wildlife will not have a chance!!
Hes had his first trip to the vets where he was suitably man handled and jabbed and is going in next week for a day of 'R&R' (I havent got the heart to tell him). 

Thank you so much again for my boy. He really is amazing and a lovely playful mad ball of fluff

This is Jet (formally known as Boots) we got him from Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue in July 2010 he has now been with us just over two years and he is about three years old.

He is the most amazing little dog and we can’t remember life without him.... staffies are without a doubt one of the best breeds of dogs to have and definitely do not deserve the bad reputation that they seem to have acquired over the years.
Jet is great with children, loves playing with other dogs and has fitted into our life perfectly.
He has walked large parts of the South West coast path with us and regularly does a 12-18 mile walk at the weekends....he also completed a 26 mile sponsored walk with us back in May of this year!
He has been on five holidays with us and enjoyed every one....especially as this is th
e only time he gets to share the bed with us.......!
He is just as happy out walking for miles as he is snuggled up with you on the sofa and really is the most loyal and loving companion.
The only problem we have found with him is that he loves chewing and we have lost several things but this problem is nothing compared to all the good things about him.
If anyone reading this is thinking of getting a dog but is not sure what breed.....please consider a staffie.... dont write them off just because of what you have heard....remember it’s never the breed but always the deed.
Once you get a staffie you will be hooked for life.
Thank you Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue for bringing Jet into our lives. Ann-Marie & Sam xx

Coster is a real joy! he fits in really well. He loved by the neighbours and the rest of the family and  friends.  

I have been cuddling up kissing peanut whilst she is be co operative. The other three are great too, only mummy won't be touched and has some how got her collar off. Jackson is a hero, so loving and friendly. We all vie for his attention and he gets cuddles all the time. Mumma is getting better with us she will allow kisses and stokes but that is it. All four of them sat like meerkats watching us in the kitchen and pleading to be let out into another room on their first day. Its very hard to say no! We have renamed two, Mummy is now Shilo and Mummy is now Lola. We just love them ALL!  

Dear Liz, i thought i was about time i let you know how i am getting on. I live on a farm so there are lots of new things to see. I am into random chewing and for some reason it isn't very popular.  I like to help in the garden and play in the garden. I love going for long walks over dartmoor. We went to Devon on holiday but i think rock pools are over rated. I like it here and i have been a good boy..mostly.

 Yes Jake is lovely, no trouble at all.  He does have an eye for the birds. When walking up the valley he put his head in a hedge and came out with pheasants feathers in his mouth, the pheasant did get away. He can get distracted with other people throwing balls and wants to chase and I have to restrain him from jumpring up to people, he wants to greet everyone. He meets other dogs with his friendly nature, however I think he would chase cats, or anything he thinks is of interest. Jake is very good at night not a peep, I am the one waking him up for any early cuppa he then decides when to get up and go out. He is lovely to cuddle up to in the evenings.

We were looking for a cat for a bit of company as my partner works away some of the week. Living on a busy road I was worried about having a cat that enjoyed the outdoors and wondered if there were any cats that lived indoors and were in need of a home.
After searching the internet, I came accross the Wincanton animal rescue centre and emailed Sam to see if there were any animals in need of re-homing that lived indoors. Sam called back and we arranged to go to the centre.

We were introduced to Herbie who is deaf and has been since birth. I loved him as soon as we saw him and the next week Sam brought him out to our house. He moved in and we haven't looked back since. Herbie is the only animal in our household so he enjoys doing as he pleases. He loves playing in the garden with us on his lead or sleeping in front of the fire. His favourite toys are drinking straws and bottle tops which he much prefers to the expensive pet shop ones he has! He's still a fussy eater and only eats Persian cat food despite being a moggy but, diva or not, he is a very affectionate animal. We feel very lucky to have him and three years on it's hard to imagine not having him here.
There is an animal in need that would suit any home and I would urge people looking to take on a pet to contact the centre.

Just to let you know how well daisy - now Dulcie (Spanish for sweet one) is doing. She has the run of the garden and we take her on long walks each day, she has made best friends with the horse in the paddock! She isn't properly house trained yet with some accidents, which is the only negative but we all love her.

We've had our lovely Jasper for 4 years and he is now 8 years old. When he came to us he was quite nervous and use to get in bed by 7pm every night, but not long after he settled in he got his own 'seat' on our sofa which is always next to his mum. Jasper loves his food, cuddles and sunbathing! We hope Jasper has a very long and happy life with us :-)

Dear Sam, 

We are all 3 very contented now that we can explore outside. Womble is "Queen of the Hay Barn"; she spends most of the day on top of the stack of hay, watching all that is going on in the yard. Pete joins her for part of the day, but likes to curl up on Karen's armchair for snoozing. I also like to occupy that chair during the day, but Karen ( most unfairly!! ) claims it back when she wants to sit down. I am dictating this while resting on the next armchair, having done my duty in guarding the driveway; I patrol it regularly and often see Puddie and Karen riding in the arena. Pete was the first to meet Puddie and I followed suit the next day; we were very wise and sat in the stable doorway to have a chat with him. However when Womble decided to say hello to Puddie she walked right inside near his hindlegs! Fortunately Puddie was totally unworried by this and didn't move at all.

Pete and I love the meat served in the evening and when Karen gives the supper call, after she has finished outside, we follow her into the house and sit outside the kitchen door while she serves it out into our dishes. We then follow her across to our food area and while we munch, she strokes us both. Womble comes in later for her Go-Cat and for some treats. I have become addicted to the treats also, and we often munch together, while Karen strokes us; Womble is still a bit scared but I am beginning to enjoy being stroked. All 3 of us like to sleep inside at night after our evening patrols; Pete and I often have a lie in but Womble is usually up and out early.
Do come and visit us again soon,
With luv,

 We got barney from you in may 2011, I saw his little face and I knew I had to have him! I live on old Sarum in a cottage on a farm and have loads of land, I had never had a dog, we drove to you one bank holiday Monday in may  2011. As soon as I saw him I fell in love with him, we took him home that day, and he settled in really quickly even my two cats didn't mind him :). He gets taken out twice a day by my dad while i work. Dad is a recovering alcoholic and has not touched a drink since  we got barney :( he says barney saved him and gives him a purpose to get up in the morning, he lives in downtown and gets a bus to mine and back every day to take him out , I really think barney saved dads life as dad was very unwell in hospital through his addiction. We love barney so much he's such a loving loyal dog and is brilliant with children and all other animals, could not wish for a better dog , if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have him , thank you so much for rescuing him!

Some pictures of the girls for you - both of them wondering what on earth this white stuff is!

 Hello Auntie Sam

Look at this photo of me! Do you reckon I'm happy and content in my home?  
Mum and Dad send their love and say they'll see you at the next pub quiz, all being well. 
Lots of love from Erin and me
Polly xx

Cassie arrived to us at the beginning of June, she has been wonderful was as if she had always been here, we have another dog Harvey, black Lab x. They are the best of buddies and she follows him everywhere, Cassie was quite weak when she arrived but gets stronger everyday and can hold her own with dogs she socialise with, she is a very loving and willing to please dog, who is very generous with her kisses.....  and the children think she is best thing, since Harvey, she is our Princess.

I would like to Thank Liz and Kerry who made this all possible, you made all so easy and have given us every support we have needed, we have never rescued dogs before, but you made this very easy for us, because you care about all the animals and want everybody to be happy, your passion for your work is incredible, and we are so pleased Cassie came to us!!!!

Well he has settled like a duck to water. Rocky & Fred are the best of friends. Fred spent his first night in his cage, i think he wanted to join the rest of us in bed.

The kids came over to meet him and Alisha (5yrs old) renamed him Fred the Ted.

Minstrel is an absolute darling and so loving (when she isn’t puppy biting, but we are working on that!)

She settled straight away as if she knew she had come home. 
She and Smartie are getting along a lot better, waiting together by the front door when I am out (we have a long window with a dog bed and they love sitting there together. Smartie’s favourite toy is a green caterpillar so was a bone of contention – so I bought another one, unfortunately Minstrel can pick both up at the same time!!

Just to let you know that Teddie is settling in really well, he is such a well behaved boy and loves playing in the garden, being let off the lead in the dog park and his new bed!  We are so happy to have him, our boys love him to bits and he is really good with them having lots of love and cuddles.


Marley and Bailey, they are just a lovely pair of cats. Marley, he's the one who is sat up in the photos, is a very loving little thing who is very adventurous and the most likely to get stuck in a tree. Bailey who is lying down in the pics, is much more independent and acts most of the time like he doesn't need us at all...except at dinner time and then he is the most cuddly rubbing little thing you've ever seen! Both of them bring a lot of joy and I like to think we also make them happy. Thanks so much for letting us have these two little brothers because now I can't remember what it was like before they came.

We gave a home to Spot when one of cats died and our Siamese was lonely. When we first met spot he would hide out the back of the cattery and not come in but we had been told that when he knows someone he is the most affectionate lovely little boy. So we took him home with us and within a week he was a completely different cat to what we saw in the cattery. Spot is so friendly and Poppy our Siamese loves him. Spot is 11 years younger than Poppy so i think he keeps her entertained through out the day.

Erin's learning how to do the washing up, in between sprawling on the worktop. Polly just dozes on the back of the sofa - not that keen on learning household tasks.

Boomer was a tiny ginger and white Tom cat that we decided to give a home to after my 16 year old ginger and white Tom passed away. At the time Boomer was only 9 weeks old and we already had two girl cats who were both 11 years old at the time and a 5 year old daughter and we were not sure how they would all get along. Anyway we are now 12 months on and Boomer has not only settled in so well to our family but has made himself at known to all of our neighbours! He has a large personality and is a very loveable chap  

 Lucas wouldn't sit still long enough but here are a couple I managed to get, he is a very happy healthy boy. Already a very much loved member of the family (he wears the trousers in this house now!)


A very big thank you to Sam, for bringing Barney, our 1 year old Yorkshire terrier into our lives. I have always had rescue pets from rabbits to hens and was waiting for the children to be the right age to give a good home to a dog. Sam came on a house visit and then organised the vet for Barney to be neutered and microchipped. She gave endless advice and answered my many questions. As a result, we were more than ready and confident to home Barney and hr has settled in as if he was ours from the start.

We would just like to say a huge thank you to Sam and Rosemary for introducing tori into our lives. Tori is incredibly affectionate and loves to cuddle up at bed time!!! Although we have to watch our ankles during the day! Tori is such a character we love her to bits, thank you again.

Pixie and Baggy seem to be getting on well with each other and although not snuggling up to each other yet, they do get quite close, as well as chase each other. Seeing the way she plays and acts, we believe she is the right choice for Baggy - he just needs to realise it!


Just thought I'd get in touch with some pictures of Matilda and Autum.

Since bringing Matilda and Autumn home, they have settled in together brilliantly, we couldn't have asked for a better pair!  They love playing together, eating together, and sleeping together! They also love to have their crazy half hour in the eveing and have a good rough and tumble before bed time.  Matilda, althugh she was really shy when she first came home with us, is extremely cuddly and loves nothing more than falling asleep on your feet watching TV and Autumn likes to pirch high on her scratcher and doze off.  They both love playing and have settled brilliantly with all of our children, and are now much better when strangers come and visit.  Despite being very different cats and not having met each other before, they have become great friends in such a short space of time, and make wonderful 'sisters'.
Thank you so much to Kerry for all your help, and helping us find our
perfect match. Keep up the good work!

Just updating you on Twiglet. She's had all her jabs and has been out and about exploring for the past couple of weeks. It looks as though she has been really enjoying playing out in the sunshine! She is thoroughly spoilt and everyone adores her! 


Poppy is a Siamese and Denum is a Burmese both 12 years old, they didn't come into the centre together but were both in need of some feline company. They did take a little time to come round to us but with a lot of affection and a few treats they have settled in nicely with us.

I approached Sam at Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue because I wanted two kittens to join our family. As we have two pre-school children I wanted to be sure I found kittens that were used to children and had the right temperament to be happy in our madhouse! Both Sam and Kerry were brilliant. The huge advantage was that not only did I have the pleasure of  adopting two abandoned animals, but that Sam and Kerry really know their animals and made sure that the kittens they introduced us to had the right character for our family. Alfie is completely playful and adores my three year old son. He isn't phased by noise or enthusiastic play and will even curl up to be stroked by my one year old daughter. Rosie is a little more reticent but with every day she is bolder and loves to play cars with the children!  Alfie and Rosie are absolutely the perfect pair of kittens for our family and I'm so glad I made that first phone call to Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue!

From my first  meeting with Sam, through to Kerry bringing Figaro to live with us, and the follow up contact with Kerry, the Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue people have been helpful, friendly and informative. I went to see Figaro when he was 6 weeks old in the centre at Wincanton, and immediately fell in love with him. Two weeks later Kerry brought him, already microchipped and fully housetrained, to live with us. He settled in really well and is now firmly part of the family. He is so friendly you would never think he had been born a feral cat, he acts more like a dog than a cat and follows me when I go outside to the horses, plays in the hay then follows me back into the house to sit quitely while I do things indoors.  The bonding room idea worked really well to start him off feeling safe, and it is now his room where he goes to sleep when he feels like it. He seems to be a really happy and contented cat and certainly has happy and contented owners!

Nula, a x breed puppy of about 12 weeks was found by one of our volunteers in a Irish pound whilst visiting ireland. She was due to be put to sleep that afternoon. Nula was fostered by a lovely couple in Ireland for a month until she was finally brought home. One of our volunteer took her for the weekend and she never left! Nula is now very much part of the family.

We would really like to take this opportunity to thank all at Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue, particularly Kerry and Sam. We've really appreciated all your time and support, from a first home visit, helping us to choose our cats, allowing us to visit them in their foster home and arranging their initial veterinary care. Monty and Myrtle have been a sheer delight and have brought much joy (and the odd dead mouse) into our lives.                                                                                                    A tireless and dedicated team, you do a great job for both the animals who come into your care and folk like us who now have much-loved new pets. 


Bailey and Lottie came to live with us in August 2010 aged approximately 4 months.  Bailey is a mischievous little boy into everything and very playful, whereas his sister Lottie is more timid but very affectionate.  It didn't take them long to settle in and they have matured into two beautiful cats that have become very much part of the family